Skylar Says- There is a right way to introduce dogs


Hi Skylar here I have something to bark about.IMAG0315

How we feel when our humans introduce us to another dog?

Some peeps I know think all dogs should love each other all the time and be OK with meeting each other in every situation.  I have talked to many dogs and a few have said they love everything all the time but most of us have boundaries and there is a protocol for nice behaviour.

In our world rushing up to each other being excited is rude unless it is one of our BFF”s, like Wally and Audie are mine. We like to feel safe, unchallenged and sometimes we don’t understand each other.

Wally 3



When I am attached to my human, here is my list to make me feel comfortable meeting another dog:

1. Give me space – dogs on leash don’t walk right beside me. I see that as a challenge. If you look at me with a hard stare or are in my face that is rude. I don’t know if  I want to be friends with you yet. 8472910_orig

2. Don’t be all like “I am over here please notice me” because in my world wanting to be noticed may be a challenge – I don’t know you yet.

3. Don’t let your off leash dog dog run up to me…. I don’t know your dog and you telling my peep he/she is friendly is great but I don’t speak your language so I don’t hear that, all I see is something running at me.

623049_origIf you have 2 well socialized well trained dogs, watch this link from English dog trainer, author and television presenter from Greatest American Dog and Animal PlanetVictoria Stilwell. She talks about the proper way to introduce dogs to each other in a safe way.

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