WPS Service Rates

In your home visits from Waterloo Pet Services can be combined and personalized to meet the specific needs of you and your pet(s).  Whether Fido needs his medication, Felix needs some love and his litter cleaned or your little one needs some exercise and a pit stop, we are there for you and your treasured companion.

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30-minute Pit Stop$25.00
1 hour Boredom Buster$40.00
Each additional pet$5 (over 2 dogs or 3 cats)
Pick up/drop off keys$15.00
* All services subject to HST


Payment options of cash, cheque or e-transfer paid in advance, for new clients.


Less than 12 hrs notice 100% of the visit(s) will be charged          Less than 24 hrs notice 50% of the visit(s) will be charged





Service Rates